by Nancy Babich

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released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Nancy Babich Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Mary Celeste
Maybe I've got a problem
Something eating me inside
Can't put it into words
Whatever you say don't feel right

This year's running out
So what happens now?
So what happens now? I feel safe but
I'm choking on doubt

And life's just a dream yeah
Yeah life's just a dream
It's cloaked in desires
And built of extremes

I'm falling through days now
I'm falling through days
Too fast to keep count now
I don't feel alive

So what happens now?
What's guiding our changes?
Cause I can't grasp the difference
And I'm choking on doubt

And life's just a dream yeah
And life's just a dream yeah
Held by desires
Built of extremes
Track Name: Rapture
Cry alone at night too many thoughts to sleep
The life seeps from the lies that I've told myself all day
I'll shred my false memories
But everything else will go with the rest
The patterns are emerging
I feel compelled to follow

I'm starting to let bridges burn I've fed the flames for far too long
The eyes of god stare into you with the judgement in every face
Maybe they're just memories
The people inside my head are not living creatures
Just reflections through time
I do not want to lie and I don't know what to say
I do not want to lie and I'm hiding from truth

When you feel everything you will not feel anything

When you feel you will feel

Track Name: Dissocial
Everything feels so unreal these days
Even my desperate love fades
My fears and my desires all cover for each other
And if there is no scheme, there are no motives

I'm tryna translate to you
Tryna make you think it matters
But it's all just there in my headtrip
I'll drag you into my headtrip

Thinking is a harmful habit
Thinking is erosion
A shameful self directed violence you just can't wash off

Everything's been said. Every truth articulated. Every ideal has had its sacrifice. If you wanna try, give it all you got. It will take all you got.
Track Name: Talk
What are these words inside of my head
Where do they come from and where do they go
After they are said
After they are said

Doesn't she know
Doesn't she know
What her words can do to me
After they are said
After they are said

What are the words that I can say
So I can change what's happening
After they are said
After they are said

I want to know
What are these words
What do they mean
How do I talk
To you
Even though
I can't talk
To myself

What did they tell you
With their words
How you should talk
And what you can feel

I can feel the message
But I don't have the form

What did they tell you
With their words
And how does it affect you

What do you hear
When they're not around

I want you to fell
What I am feeling
The darkness and the light
So let's talk

What do these words do
After they are said
Track Name: Ashtray Paranoia
I don't want to disappoint
Anyone anymore
I am gonna lose myself
When I live for someone else
I'm living with the population
Yet I'm still in isolation

Smoke another cigarette
Before you mind splits up again

Boarding up your windows before the big one comes
You'll be stuck inside yourself if you want to be protected
The early warning is too distant we're only left with the fear

Smoke another cigarette
Before your mind splits up again

Tearing the world apart is easy
Just find the loosest thread and pull
Watch the seams come undone and
Drift away from everybody else
The networks that we live in
Are such fragile creatures

Smoke another and another
Smoke another and another
Track Name: She Sends Signals
She sends signals through the ether of the night
She sends signals and she waits for a response
She's got it all figured out
She's so much smarter than herself
She's left herself no doubt
She's only safe inside
She's gone and turned my world around x 4
She's gone and turned me into her receiver
She's lost her way, her frame and vision
She sends signals through the ether of the night
Track Name: Threads / Two Evils
Quarantine Quarantine
Mercy can't triumph over judgement anymore
So we'll keep the clock turning till
It strikes twelve and starts again


These days there is no open vision, but I know it's coming our way. Tighten your belts, fix your habits, control your children with water from a poison well. Tear our your god damn hair. Flesh is something to cut. Choose both evils. Drink both poisons.
Fear precludes understanding, and I'm so fucking scared. I know my death is all I've got, and who I am is just how I get there.
Limit yourself until it's all that matters. Survival and security will pull us through. Probability will pull us through.
Active prevention, more valuable than peace -- and a million hateful worlds come re-emerging.
Track Name: More's the Pity
When the choices come too fast to keep track of the days, it's hard to know what it means to stay true to yourself.
The object = the body. The action = the soul. & neither is helpless & neither in control. Neither can survive in isolation.

Attention and prayer's all I got. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to do.
I'm praying for clarity, I'm praying for closure, I'm praying for nothing, I'm praying for prayer.